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  We can transmit Genetic Data across the Galaxy and Beyond at the speed of light. If we Encode the Data using The Hydrogen Atom as the key, we can confidently assume  a Technologically advanced Species would understand and de-code the data. Technically, we have just transported our species and any others throughout the Cosmos  at Light-Speed.

 This project requires the use of Existing Radio Telescopes as well as Building a LASER Transmitting Device  that can be aimed at chosen regions of space where Planets and Moons that may be habitable have been located or are thought to exist. This will require funding and only those with experience in the Astronomical and Radio-Astronomy fields will be familiar as to how this can be done. I am looking for support from those professionals who may be interested in this project, any information, instruction and participation will be much appreciated.  

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  Thank you for your interest in this project, may we return to the Cosmos in the same form as that which we were created, by light and Energy.

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